Vulnerability Self-Assessment Tool (VSAT)
Our flagship Vulnerability Self-Assessment Tool (VSAT®), is helping policyholders and risk professionals identify and improve their security vulnerabilities.
How can VSAT help me?

The Vulnerability Self-Assessment Tool (VSAT®) is a simple easy to use platform. It has recently undergone a range of improvements, following user testing, to help businesses self-assess their security risk management in line with UK Government best practice; as suggested by the Government’s leading protective Security Agencies.

The tool is available for use (free of charge) to those Policyholders whose portfolios aggregate to a Material/Property Damage declared value sum insured of £50m or above, and do not consist primarily of domestic properties.

Aimed at medium and large businesses, the VSAT tool can enable Pool Re Member insurers to offer a 7.5 percent premium discount to policyholders.

How does it work?

The assessment comprises of a number of question sets related to different aspects of security risk management, with language and subject specific terminology adapted for ease of completion by competent or qualified persons within their organisation.  Additionally we now provide a new comprehensive Security Best Practice Guide packed full of useful information and guidance, providing additional support and best practice across a wide range of security topics, from physical security to drones and cyber.

Policyholders are invited to complete the self-assessment process after which they will be awarded a risk assessment score expressed as a Red, Amber, Green (RAG) rating. They will also receive an online report which provides practical advice on mitigating measures that can be put in place to reduce any risks and vulnerabilities identified. The RAG rating will be translated to a score, providing eligibility for a Loss Mitigation Credit (LMC) that may qualify for a discount on insurance.

As part of the upgrade, we have increased the Loss Mitigation Credit (LMC) to 7.5 percent from the 5 percent discount available at the last update in 2018.

Prior to this, policyholders had previously been offered a maximum discount of 2.5 percent via participation in the “Crowded Places” risk management programme run by the National Counter Terrorism Security Office (NACTSO).

What next?

The results of the assessments are entirely confidential and will remain so until policyholders decide to share them with their insurer. The discount can only be applied once the assessment has been successfully competed and submitted to the insurer.

Support is available either by FAQs, a dedicated email address and, where necessary, one-to-one support to try to ensure that all businesses have the opportunity to achieve the standard required to not only receive the credit but also improve their resilience to the threat posed by terrorism and serious crime.

VSAT has been designed to help build resilience in Great Britain to the rapidly changing terrorism risks, to help policyholders prepare if the worst should happen.

Please contact us at for more information on how VSAT can help you and your organisation, or click the button below to activate your self-assesment.

Counter-terrorism security for business premises

Find out more about the measures you can take to secure your business premises from terrorist attacks. Read out best practice guide below or click the link opposite to download.

Read the full guide here:


Download the full guide

To benefit from enhanced interactivity and see additional data we recommend you open this report using Adobe Acrobat Reader.

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