Whilst the human cost of terrorism is devastating, the financial impact an incident can have on communities, businesses and economies, is generally greater than most realise.

Understanding risk, enabling resilience

At Pool Re we understand that terrorism is a significant multi-faceted peril that can expose businesses in a complex way. This makes it one of the most difficult challenges facing the insurance industry, and indeed businesses today.

Terrorism changes in ways that natural catastrophe perils cannot, and this presents unique challenges. The threat is no longer confined to bombs, it now includes chemical and biological techniques, drones, cyber, vehicles and knives.

We have been the UK’s leading terrorism reinsurer for over a quarter of a century. In that time we have developed a great deal of trust as globally renowned specialists in our field. Our team of experts combine their knowledge and experience with that of Government agencies, academia, risk professionals and the insurance industry – we call this our SOLUTIONS division.


We understand that the evolving nature of terrorism poses diffuse and uncertain risks, and raises questions about how to manage them effectively. Which is why we’ve invested significantly into advanced research, analysis, modelling, and risk management capabilities.

SOLUTIONS  is a team of experts, many with decades of experience in policing, the security services or the Armed Forces and each with the knowledge and experience to help you.

We can provide both the insurance industry and your business or organisation with the tools and information it needs to understand, manage and mitigate against terrorism risk.

Our services are bespoke to your requirements, modular and scaleable in order to effectively address the needs of modern Insurers, and Policyholders. Helping to safeguard your business and livelihoods from the impact of a terrorist attack.

“The insurance industry has the potential to shape behaviour and improve safety, security and resilience… Pool Re is an excellent example of a public-private partnership set up specifically to mitigate the financial impact of a terrorist attack”.
Counter Terrorism Strategy (CONTEST) June 2018

Three pillars = One Solution

Pool Re Solutions comprises three core pillars

Risk Awareness

The Risk Awareness team provides our Members and other stakeholders with threat led intelligence and horizon scanning research on all aspects of the terrorism peril. Our research directly supports the efforts of our Risk Modelling and Risk Management teams. Our Risk Awareness experts are drawn from a range of backgrounds, including the police, government, military and academia, offering unique perspectives and experiences on all aspects of terrorism risk.

Risk Modelling

Our team devises and creates modelling solutions that can more accurately evaluate, quantify and price terrorism risk. We harness our Risk Awareness teams’ intelligence and reports, and blend this with a collaboration of government, academia, and global (re)insurer data. This has both accelerated and enhanced our modelling capabilities, which allows us to provide bespoke modelling solutions to solve different aspects of the terrorism risks your business might face in the future.

Risk Management

Our team support Members and their Policyholders by helping them understand how the terrorist threat might affect business. We also work with Policyholders to provide a range of risk management capabilities and tools which help mitigate and minimise the impact of an attack. Our services are bespoke to every organisation and are designed to be scaleable and modular, to ensure that the most appropriate support is available, depending on your size and needs.

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