This month we take a look at how the threat posed to the UK by returning foreign fighters has evolved in recent years in light of emerging intelligence surrounding the trafficking of former British citizen, Shamima Begum, to Syria in 2015.

We examine conviction and sentencing data from July and August for terrorism charges in Great Britain to help identify any changes in rates of conviction and terrorist activity.

Finally, we roundup the most significant terrorism-related news across advanced market countries throughout September.

This includes:

  • New UK Home Office figures revealing a rise in terror-related arrests.
  • The arrest of three individuals for the construction of a completed 3D-printed firearm.
  • The £300,000 pay-out received by a victim of the 2017 London Bridge attack.
  • The arrest of a suspect relating to the 1996 IRA Manchester bombing.
  • The stabbing and mass-murder of 10 people in Saskatchewan, Canada.

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