Risk Consultancy
Helping you understand risk, to enable resilience

We understand that the evolving nature of terrorism poses diffuse and uncertain risks, and raises questions about how to manage them effectively. Which is why we’ve invested significantly into advanced research, analysis, modelling, and risk management capabilities.

The driving force behind SOLUTIONS Risk Consultancy is a team of experts, many with decades of knowledge and experience in policing, the security services and the Armed Forces. We support both the insurance industry and individual businesses or organisations by providing the necessary tools and information needed to understand, manage and mitigate against terrorism risk.

Our services are bespoke to requirements, modular and scalable, and designed to meet the needs of modern insurers and policyholders.

Ready to tackle the risks? Just answer this quick question and we’ll get you to the most appropriate information, tools and advice for your business type.

Does your business have a portfolio aggregate to a Material Damage/Property Damage declared value sum insured of £50m or above, which does not consist primarily of domestic properties?

For more information on how SOLUTIONS Risk Consultancy can help safeguard your business and livelihoods from the impact of a terrorist attack please get in touch.

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