Best practice guide to counter-terrorism security for business premises
The best practice counter-terrorism security guide is for business premises looking to protect against unique challenges presented by varied levels of risk.

Each business sector faces its own unique challenges.  The nature of their business, their profile, their people or their location are all factors that can present companies with varied levels of risk.  The best practice counter-terrorism security guide was written with business premises in mind.  The work is a collaboration between Pool Re and protective security professionals drawing on extensive experience and best practices found within Government and relevant professional bodies.

The guide has been provided for Pool Re’s members and their clients and is just one small part of the range of solutions Pool Re have to offer.  It is also designed to underpin the Vulnerability Self-Assessment Tool (VSAT), available through the Pool Re website.  VSAT is one of the routes to obtaining a Loss Mitigation Credit (LMC) therefore should you meet the necessary criteria, you may be able to receive a discount on the cost of your insurance premium.

Key aspects of security architecture are explained in terms of their benefits and potential impact on business.  The resource is not exhaustive in covering every possible aspect of security, however, it does provide the guidance needed to understand and implement the core elements of security.  To signpost users to further guidance and support, additional links have been embedded in the guide where appropriate.

The contents of this guide will be useful to you regardless of your security knowledge or experience.

To benefit from enhanced interactivity and see additional data we recommend you open this report using Adobe Acrobat Reader.

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