terrorism risk

We are the UK’s leading terrorism reinsurer, trusted by over 150 insurers. Our mission is to provide financial protection from the impact of terrorism, and in so doing, improve the UK’s resilience.


The threat of terrorist attacks isn’t restricted to major cities.

More recently attacks have heavily impacted our busy high streets and public spaces outside of London. These indiscriminate attacks, often fatal, involve comprehensive investigations which require the police to cordon off large areas. As a result, businesses can unwittingly find themselves within a cordon, with some businesses unable to access their premises for weeks or even months.

Incredibly, many businesses still have little or no terrorism insurance cover, crisis plans or procedures in place. A proactive approach to risk management, underpinned by appropriate insurance, is vital to stay afloat if the worst should happen. 

our unique cover

Our premium cover is purchased direct from our Member insurers, usually via a broker. The following principal types of coverage will be considered:

Material Damage – the most common coverage sought from our Members and can extend to buildings, machinery/plant and contents, and stock.

Business Interruption – most BI terrorism covers are based on the standard revenue, profit, fees, income or increased costs of working basis.

Non-damage Business Interruption – non-damage denial of access and loss of attraction, provided such cover is provided in the underlying BI policy.

Construction – these can include contract or engineering works, contract plant and BI covers such as DSU, Additional Increased Cost of Working, fines/penalties or advanced covers.

Engineering – where engineering policies include damage caused by fire or explosion (not boiler or sudden/ unforeseen), they can also be extended to include terrorism.

CBRN – We are the only provider to cover chemical, biological, radiological, nuclear (CBRN) attacks as well as acts of terrorism triggered by remote digital means using a cyber trigger. 


member benefits

Expert Data and Analytics

More than 30 years of trusted and verified terrorism risk data, analysis and intelligence, helping businesses to better understand the terrorism threat landscape and the potential risks to their people, assets and reputation.

Research and Development

Some of the most innovative and creative counterterrorism projects as part of our multi-million pound commitment into terrorism research, development and risk mitigation activities.

Collaborative Relationships

Unique and privileged working relationships with national and international Governments, Think Tanks, academia, industry bodies and security agencies, whose collaboration has helped further our innovations in terrorism insurance coverage.