Sponsored bursaries for new Counterterrorism course at Cranfield University
Designed by Andrew Silke, Professor of Terrorism, Risk and Resilience, we are proud to sponsor bursaries for Cranfield University’s new Counterterrorism Risk Management and Resilience MSc.

We are proud to sponsor five bursaries for Cranfield University’s new Counterterrorism Risk Management and Resilience MSc designed by Professor Andrew Silke.

We work with a number of academic institutions and our sponsored bursaries in partnership Cranfield University is another way in which we proactively strive to improve the response and resilience of the UK to terrorism risk.  The new course directly aligns with the three pillars of Pool Re SOLUTIONS; risk awareness, risk modelling and risk management, making Cranfield an important partner in supporting our strategic aims and core values as an organisation.

The university has a longstanding specialisation in areas such as security and defence and the course addresses a plethora of subjects tailored for those interested in developing a career focusing on protective security against terrorism.  Students working in risk management and risk mitigation sectors can equip themselves with the necessary tools and expertise to understand, analyse, prevent and mitigate the threats posed by terrorism.  The programme is taught by Cranfield’s experienced teaching team comprised of leading experts and professors in the field as well as external speakers from industry and forensics.

The structure of the programme reflects the evolution of the industry where the definition of terrorism is ever-changing.  The fluidity of the business means that the modules and course content undergo innovative developments and enhancements mirroring the current needs and trends therefore maintaining the importance and relevance of the qualification.  These updates are dictated by progressions in research, legislative changes and a spectrum of other variables within the industry helping students remain up to date and ahead of the curve in terrorism risk mitigation and management.

To find out more about the course and the Pool Re sponsored bursary scheme, please click here.

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