Terrorism Threat Update: December 2020
There has been a noticeable increase in terrorist activity in Western countries over the last two months..

Monthly Threat Update December 2020

Despite warnings by police and government officials, there were no terrorist attacks in the UK or Europe in December. The festive period usually provides a wealth of targets for would-be terrorists, due to increased footfall in commercial areas and an increase in public events. However, the coronavirus pandemic has seen restrictions imposed on public gathering across the continent, limiting the number of traditional targets, while creating other vulnerable crowded places such as medical facilities and other essential services.

Further afield, a large vehicle-borne improvised explosive device (VBIED) detonated in downtown Nashville, caused significant damage and widespread disruption to telecoms services. It has yet to be designated a terrorist attack, but several government officials have said the incident meets the definition of domestic terrorism. The incident was the first successful car bombing in an Advanced Market for some time and demonstrates that such attacks remain possible.

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