Member Circulars

The following is a list of Circulars which have been released since January 2018.

Member Circulars are important documents that form part of the Reinsurance Agreement and are usually addressed to someone in your Legal team, or the CEO.

They may include operational instruction or legal guidance that is relevant to your role.  A quick reference list is published here to make you aware of what Circulars have been issued year to date, and these will be updated each time Spotlight is issued. If you have not received them, please check with your official Pool Re Terrorism contact point and request a copy.

MEM 01/18 – Terrorism Frequency Report 1/2018
MEM 02/18 – VSAT
MEM 03/18 – Non-Damage BI
MEM 04/18 – Exposure Data
MEM 05/18 – Terrorism Frequency Report 2/2018
MEM 06/18 – AGM
MEM 07/18 – 2017 Dividend
MEM 08/18 – AGM Minutes
MEM 09/18 – NDBI Cover
MEM 10/18 – Terrorism Frequency Report 3/2018
MEM 11/18 – Non-Damage BI Update and Contingency Business
MEM 12/18 – Non-Damage BI Update
MEM 13/18 – 2019 Membership Retentions
MEM 14/18 – Contingency Risks

MEM 01/19 – Non-Damage BI Update
MEM 02/19 – Non-Damage BI Update
MEM 03/19 – Class B Reinsurance Agreement