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07 Sep: Monthly Threat Update August 2021

There were no confirmed terrorist attacks in the UK, Western Europe or North America in August 2021. However, a shooting by a selfdescribed ‘incel’ in Plymouth, which resulted in the deaths of five civilians and the gunman, may be reclassified as terrorism according to Devon and Cornwall police. This was the first confirmed case of incel-related violence to take place in the UK, although police have disrupted several planned attacks in recent years. 

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04 Aug: Monthly Threat Update July 2021

There were no significant terrorist attacks or plots in the UK, Western Europe or North America in July 2021. However, the US and allied NATO forces began their withdrawal from Afghanistan, which is highly likely to lead to a resurgence in Al-Qaeda (AQ) operations in the country. This is likely to pose an increased threat to Western countries in future.

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19 Jul: Retail and Hospitality Sector Risk Report

Our latest sector-focused risk report examines the evolving terrorist threat to the retail and hospitality sector. This report is intended to provide a better understanding of the terrorist threat to owners and managers of businesses in the sector, so they can effectively manage and mitigate the risk. It will also be useful for risk managers and risk finance advisors, who work within the retail and hospitality sector.

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07 Jul: Monthly Threat Update June 2021

There were no significant attacks or disrupted terrorist plots in the United Kingdom in June 2021. However, a bladed weapons attack against shoppers in Wurzburg by a suspected Islamist extremist killed three and injured eight. In Ontario, a vehicle-as-a-weapon attack by a suspected right-wing extremist killed four members of a Canadian-Pakistani family.

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