Martyn’s Law Gov Update Dec 2022

20 December 2022

Pool Re welcomes Protect Duty announcement

NEWS RELEASE – 19 December 2022

inside an airport

Pool Re, Britain’s leading terrorism reinsurer, today welcomes the UK government’s announcement of its upcoming Protect Duty legislation, also known as Martyn’s Law.

In a statement yesterday the Home Secretary, Suella Braverman, set out how the law will seek to improve the safety and security of citizens so they can enjoy public premises without fear of terrorism by improving protective security and organisational preparedness at a wide range of locations across the UK. The two primary objectives for Martyn’s Law will be to: i) clarify who is responsible for security activity at locations in scope, thereby increasing accountability; and ii) improve outcomes so that security activity is delivered to a consistent level. An inspection and enforcement regime will seek to educate, advise and ensure compliance with Martyn’s Law.

The legislation will set out different compliance requirements for different locations depending on their maximum capacity and use. The government has suggested a two-tier approach, so the Standard tier, which will require simple, low-cost protective measures, will apply to locations with a maximum capacity of over 100. The Enhanced tier, for locations with a capacity of 800 or over, will require a risk assessment as well as the implementation of a security plan. Locations with a maximum occupancy at any time of less than 100 will fall out of scope, however, they will be encouraged to adopt good security practices on a voluntary basis.

Tom Clementi, CEO of Pool Re, said: “The government’s announcement is an important step in enhancing the protection of the UK’s publicly accessible locations from terrorist attacks. At Pool Re we will continue to support the government and insurance industry on this legislation, including by providing information and education regarding what businesses and organisations need to do to prepare for its introduction. We will be providing an update for the market in the new year, as more details of the draft legislation become known.

“We would also like to pay tribute to the inspiring work of Figen Murray OBE, whose tireless campaigning on this issue has reminded us of the real-life impact of terrorism in public venues and who has strongly encouraged the UK government to legislate.”

Pool Re can offer advice to brokers and insurers on the legislative requirements where appropriate and offers resources, via the Protect Duty hub on its website, which is freely accessible to members and customers.