"It'll never happen here" -  the importance of NDBI cover for SMEs

Whilst organisations may assume that the technology they use is secure, the reality is that attackers will exploit any weaknesses they find in configuration or usage.

“It’ll never happen here” – we have worked with ITN and BIBA to produce this compelling short film. The aim is to help small businesses (SMEs) understand the impact of not having terrorism insurance in place, if the worst should happen. Centred in Borough Market, the film highlights the impact of the 2017 London Bridge attack on SMEs. We follow the story of one market stall holder in particular, and what they faced after the devastating terrorist incident.

Non-Damage Business Interruption (NDBI)

Purchasing terrorism insurance is an essential safety net and helps to put businesses back on their feet and pay the cost of physical damage and non physical damage businesses interruption losses in the event of an attack.

We now offer reinsurance to our Members for non-damage business interruption caused by an Act of Terrorism. Many have already signed up and should be able to offer cover for interested policyholders. The scope of reinsurance cover offered by Pool Re is business interruption caused by:

  1. An Act of Terrorism that prevents or impairs access to an insured premises and/or
  2. Loss of Attraction directly attributable to an Act of Terrorism within 1 mile of an insured premises

The maximum indemnity period for this cover is 3 months.

To learn more about NDBI cover, please click here.

To read a short SME guide to terrorism, please click here.

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