Building resilience against
terrorism risk

Operating since 1993, we are the UK’s largest terrorism reinsurer, trusted by over 150 insurers, and globally recognised as the leading experts in terrorism risk financing. Our mission is to provide financial protection against the risk of terrorism and, in so doing, enhance the resilience of the UK economy.


Founded by the insurance industry in cooperation with government, and supported by unparalleled financial security as a result of the unlimited HMT guarantee. We are globally recognised as the leading experts in terrorism risk financing, and have been operating since 1993.



Terrorism threat landscape

 The terrorism threat landscape is constantly evolving and so are we.  At Pool Re we believe all businesses should be able to easily access terrorism insurance, which is why we endeavour to provide affordable and comprehensive protection from the impact of terrorism, and in so doing, improve the UK’s resilience if the worst should happen.

Comprehensive Cover

Our best in class, comprehensive cover is still the only one to include chemical, biological, radiological, nuclear (CBRN) attacks as well as acts of terrorism triggered by remote digital means using a cyber trigger.

Manage and Mitigate

Pool Re policyholders benefit from exclusive access to trusted expert terrorism threat analysis and VSAT™, our bespoke security risk mitigation tool that benchmarks your risk maturity against UK best practice and can discount your terrorism premium by up to 10%.

What we do

A mutual reinsurance company which works in partnership with the UK Government and the insurance industry to ensure that every business in Great Britain can access affordable and comprehensive terrorism insurance. We use our expertise, experience, resources and relationships to help policyholders to understand terrorism risk and identify what they can do to protect their businesses.


Our best in class reinsurance underpins around 90% of the commercial property terrorism cover in the UK. We protect £2 trillion of assets and businesses of all sizes across a wide range of sectors such as real estate, retail, transport, construction and energy.

Risk Management

Our team of experts combine their knowledge and experience with that of Government agencies, academia, risk professionals and the insurance industry to provide globally renowned specialist terrorism risk management support and information.

Threat Analysis

Browse more than five years of authoritative and trusted sources of terrorism risk intelligence including current and historic risk reports, terrorism threat analysis, expert commentary and thought leadership.

Research and Development

From international collaboration to innovations in insurance coverage, our range of parternships and initiatives are at the heart of our multi-million pound commitment into counterterrorism research, development and risk mitigation activities.