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UK national threat level

Critical: an attack is highly likely in the near future
Severe: an attack is highly likely
Substantial: an attack is likely
Moderate: an attack is possible but not likely
Low: an attack is highly unlikely

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Pool Re Solutions Find Out More Building resilience against terrorism risk
Terrorism Reinsurance
Terrorism Reinsurance

Available to Member insurers, covering property damage and business interruption against an act of terrorism in England, Wales and Scotland.

Structured as a commercial reinsurer, we operate as a mutual whose Member insurers comprise the vast majority of insurers and Lloyd’s Syndicates which offer commercial property insurance in Great Britain.

Ceding their terrorism risk to Pool Re affords Member customers a guarantee ensuring that they can provide cover for losses resulting from acts of terrorism, regardless of the scale of the claims.

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By sharing the unique knowledge and partnerships we have established over 25 years of reinsuring terrorism risk we are able to support you by building on your understanding of risk awareness, risk modelling and risk management.

Our specialist division, created to support Member insurers and their Policyholders, provides more than just terrorism risk analysis and data.

Our expert in-house risk management team also works with Members and Policyholders on risk evaluation and mitigation, creating risk tools and training for industry professionals.

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